Cyber Securty Academy

Politecnico di Milano with the participation of Innovery launches the Cyber Security Academy to train specialists in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.

The Cyber Security Academy, in its 5th edition, whose launch will be celebrated on next 14th November, is a training orientation course, aimed at 30 selected master’s students of Computer Engineering, Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance, Telecommunications Engineering, Mathematical Engineering, Physics Engineering, organized in collaboration with the teachers of the Necst Laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano, and with the participation of Innovery.

The selected students will be able, from November 2022 to March 2023, to increase their knowledge on issues related to cyber security and ethical hacking, thanks to the support of the professors of the NECST laboratory and company managers who will show the concrete applications of the topics addressed in the corporate world.


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Java Stack Developer Academy

Innovery and Modis launch an Academy for developers to master the Java language

Modis, a company of The Adecco Group and pioneer of the Smart Industry, together with Innovery launched the Java Stack Developer Academy, a 6-week training course for the insertion of java programmers, one of the most sought-after profiles by companies operating in digitization, which aims to teach recent graduates to master the java language, which is increasingly in demand in the job market.

Initiatives such as the Java Full Stack Developer Academy are essential to create synergies between the world of work and the training system, in order to bridge the mismatch that still exists between the skills that students develop and the skills required by the market.


Cyber Security Analyst

Due to the costant increase in cyber attacks by hackers who use very sophisticated tools and techniques, more and more companies need to include a Cyber ​​Security Analyst within their team. Become an IT Security Analyst thanks to the Experis Academy specialization course. An intensive 6-week course, aimed at job placement in Innovery, during which you will acquire the skills necessary to constantly monitor the IT infrastructure of a company, identify potential threats and know how to react to different types of cyber attacks.



Nel 2019 con l’ingresso di Wise Equity nell’azionariato, il Gruppo punta ad accelerare la propria crescita nel futuro prossimo, sia per via organica, facendo leva sui clienti esistenti e costruendo nuove relazioni, sia attraverso una strategia di M&A mirata a sviluppare prodotti servizi e mercati a livello internazionale.