Billing System

An Innovery division specialized to supply Mobile services

The mobile telephony network area is characterized by extraordinary dynamics: the technological development and the rising (number) of new mobile operators amplify the competition dynamics and the continuous diversification of particularly complex offers such as fares, offers, “packages” of services and special conditions for clients who are organized in the most different ways. In this scenario, it is absolutely necessary to answer business dynamics quickly and efficiently. Given our solid experience in convergent technologies market, Innovery supports the telecommunication services Operators for managing the entire Billing process.

In the environment of the Telco market’s Digital Transformation projects, Innovery’s activities have a strategic position. It runs migrations towards the most advanced digital platforms; it collaborates with its national and international partners. It contributes to projects with a know-how made through an important patrimony of experience and guaranteed by the main certifications in the field.

Solution architects and platform experts work together to define the implementation requirements to develop, program and test the system, to create progress reports on the project. All activities are aimed at reaching the marketing goals and are developed to respect time, costs and technical requirements. They are realized using the most efficient platforms (Ericsson Charging System, Charging and Billing in One – CbiO, Matrixx Software) respecting the most updated industrial standards.

Services design and delivery are developed with a strict method based on the Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBok), for a clear definition of all the intervention phases (design, realization, implementation) and all its aspects (change management and service reorganization; quality, resources and risks management; technical configuration and coordination).

The operation management stage covers the entire service’s life cycle: post production support, management of third level technical operations and connected activities of Troubleshooting, refund management, reporting activities.


Since 2019 following Wise investments, the Group aims at further accelerating its expansion by fostering the organic growth, leveraging existing and building new relationships, and by implementing a M&A strategy to develop products, services and markets internationally.