IBAG integrates an MFT solution that will allow you to perform the onboarding of your B2B and EDI partners in a matter of seconds, being able to configure, manage and monitor all phases of the file lifecycle on a single platform. It offers scalability, high availability and transfer of large volumes of data.

Manage the secure transfer of your files in any format, reduce costs, automate your processes, communicate over multiple communication protocols (both client and server), connect to any system and perform operations to process transmissions according to your needs.

Innovery B2B Accelerator Gateway processes files on top of Sterling B2B Integrator, so it can be deployed on any architecture and exploit its full capabilities.

Through this product you will be able to meet your business requirements for file transfer regardless of your industry.


From a single interface you can monitor in real time all file transfers, from the collection and routing phase to delivery. It monitors the status of the file at each point, as well as providing the option of reprocessing, both from the point at which the error occurred, as well as at each of its phases.


Unlimited partners, create them according to your communication needs, being able to configure envelopes for your EDI transmissions and connections to servers through different communication protocols.

Main protocols: REST API, WS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, OFTP, SMTP and AS2 among others.

In the event that your partner acts as a communications client, you can configure the mailboxes and the user with which you can send and collect files.


Collection: First phase of file processing. Define the partner and its client/server role. In case the partner acts as a server, you can assign any communication protocol that has been previously assigned to the partner or even collect them from a file system or database.

Schedule collection and processing with a multitude of options or do it directly in real time.

Routing: in the second phase you can identify whether the file should be picked up based on the regular expression you set up to identify its naming. This allows you to differentiate file types and have different flows for the same connection.

Set up as many operations and in the order of processing as you wish.

Delivery: the third stage of processing. It can be programmed as required or simply configured to send in real time. Delivery, like collection, can be carried out in both client and server mode, using the different communication protocols offered by the platform.

At all stages, the file can be renamed and a backup copy can be made in the route indicated.

SMTP Server

Configure as many mail servers as you need to receive error notifications in real time. Parameterisable for each of the flows and phases of the file.


Get graphical reports on the number of transmissions by selecting parameters that allow you to filter and identify the transmissions you are interested in.


The platform allows you to configure multiple user levels so that your partners can connect and view the status of their files while respecting your security policy.


Consult the actions carried out by each user at any time.


Incorporates the main standards, such as SAP IDocs, EDI (UN EDIFACT, ANSI X12, VDA, RND, TRADACOM, …) or SWIFT, among others.


Allows the integration of services, processes, maps and other customised components, so you will not have any limitations when onboarding your partners.

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