Innovery B2B Service is a cloud service that offers easy integration with partners. It exchanges EDI documents, in an agile way and without requiring a large investment or implementation projects within your infrastructure, offering easy management of orders, shipments (and any information contained in EDI) through a web portal.

It also allows for more complex integrations with your own ERP, adjusting to the integration and communication needs of each client.

IBS is aimed at:

  • Small suppliers who have no (or rather limited) IT area and have to send EDI (or other) files to an end customer.
  • Partners who have some obligation to communicate with EDI documents but want to operate manually
  • Customers or suppliers who want to lighten the load on their systems and consume their EDI transactionality as a service on a volume basis

Based on IBAG (Innovery B2B Accelerator Gateway) and with the connectivity possibilities of VAN business services, such as IBM’s SCBN, Innovery can be the interface for all small partners who have to exchange EDI files freeing them from the investment in EDI systems and consultants.

  • Multiple access for different operators in the company via a web portal on the Internet.
  • View the content of your own EDI inbox online.
  • Supports EDI standards such as EDIFACT and ANSI X12.
  • Access your files in EDI format, CSV or your own layout.
  • Check content of EDI files received in a web form
  • Generate draft ASN with the information received in the above EDI files such as Shipping Schedule or Firm Order
  • Fill in the content of the ASN to be sent to your trading partners.
  • Carry out integrations to automate the exchange of the information you require with your own systems.

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