Innovery Academy was born from the joining of three different entities, company, school and students who have found the way to build their own future, transforming the different needs into a big opportunity providing benefits for everyone.

As part of the project, named “Alternanza scuola-lavoro”, the Technical Institute Giorgi gets the opportunity to start a collaboration with some companies aware of having to make various changes both in the organization and training delivery.

Students involved into the project have been able to put in practice and expand their knowledge, verify their attitudes, understand and direct their interests, become familiar with the logic and dynamics of the working life.

The projetc, mixing school and job, creates the matching point among company, school and students, transforming the original different needs into a big opportunity to growth for everyones.In the organization of a common project, it is important that each entity does not think exclusively of its immediate convenient.In this context, the company covers the most critical role. Innovery chooses to invest today, without any guarantee, to build its own future by betting on students.

Innovery started this path organizing an internship aimed to understand the commitment and ability to create interest and stimulate students.

The path continued with the training of 14 apprentices, to implement corporate solutions and not purely for educational purposes, increasing their competences, knowledge and skills. To those interested in continuing the path within the company, at the end of their training career and following the achievement of the school diploma, Innovery will offer them the opportunity to continue to collaborate regularly with the company, so as to increase their skills , within the world of work.

This project, also presented in various institutional events, represents a case of excellence, especially in consideration of the company’s goal of creating the future employees of our company prepared and motivated.


  • 5 graduates of the 2017/2018 group, from 07.23.2018 are Innovery employees and have been successfully included within the work teams
  • All the 2018/2019 graduates who intend to continue working will be hired by the company and included in the various work teams. We also maintain relations with those who will continue their studies with a university course.
  • In 2019, 35 new candidates were submitted to undertake the apprenticeship for the year 2019/2020. We want to give everyone the opportunity to undertake an internship at the company in the period June-July 2019. The most deserving will be selected to continue with an apprenticeship contract.