TELCO Services & Solutions

Unidad de Negocio de Innovery, especializada en la prestación de servicios móviles

The new business dynamics, together with the development of the most advanced technologies in telecommunications (5G, Cloudification, Digital Transformation), require quick and effective solutions to meet the increasingly diverse and changing demands on the market.

Innovery’s TELCO Service & Solutions division is specialized in providing the most suitable tools for Telecommunication Operators, offering services and solutions, employing professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field.

Innovery supports large and small telecommunication services Operators in managing the entire Charging and Billing process.

In the context of digital transformation projects in Telco markets, Innovery’s activities have a strategic position. It carries out migrations to the most advanced digital platforms; it works with its international and national partners. It contributes to projects with a know-how realized through an important knowledge of experience and guaranteed by leading industry certifications.

nnovery provides you a knowledge built up over 15 years of experience in managing the most important charging systems (Ericsson Charging System, Matrixx Software).

The design and delivery of services are developed with a rigorous method based on the Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBok), as well as the use of more flexible methods to respond to customer needs and/or the need for change required by the market itself.

Design, execution, implementation and all its aspects such as resources management, risk management, quality compliance, configuration and coordination are totally managed by the team.

A dedicated team of people takes charge of any infrastuctural as well as commercial requests and manages their lifecycle from start to finish, with post-production support for the management of any troubleshooting or anomalies.

Full SaaS Charging is a Cloud solution totally managed by a Team composed of professionals with years of experience on Telecommunication services in Italy and worldwide, which allows to monetize everything related to the commercialization of Telco offers and services (3G, 4G, 5G).

The Full SaaS service include analysis, configuration, tests and deploy of any requests, Troubleshooting and tickets management, as well as the charging platform, cloud and platform’s operation&maintenance.

The solution allows telecommunication services operators to eliminate charging infrastructure, software licenses, management and configuration and OpEx costs.

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En 2019, con la entrada de Wise Equity en la estructura accionarial, el Grupo tiene como objetivo acelerar su crecimiento en un futuro próximo, tanto de forma orgánica, contando con los clientes existentes y construyendo nuevas relaciones, como a través de una estrategia de M&A orientada al desarrollo de productos, servicios y mercados en a nivel internacional.