Cyber Security Advisory & Analysis

Facing/dealing with and minimizing information & cyber risk today requires the involved organizations to gradually abandon/leave the traditional view, which sees cybersecurity as a purely technological problem, in favor of a discipline of comprehensive risk management and a broader strategy that embraces every aspect of information security.

To support and encourage this change, Obiectivo developed a set of services that guide customers step by step in achieving this challenging goal.

NB/please note: The services described below represent a general – and therefore not exhaustive – overview of our offer.

Through a strategic consulting activity we address information governance and cyber security issues at different levels: organizational, process, technological and compliance. The characteristics of this specific offering make it possible to photograph the status of the as is and highlight the major risk areas, define the target objectives and outline an operational and implementation road map to achieve the goal. The proposed assessment activities include:

  • Cyber security strategy,
  • Cyber Risk Quantitative Appetite,
  • Quantitative Cyber Risk Analysis,
  • Cyber Risk Management Framework,
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis,
  • Supplier Assessment & Audit,
  • Policy & Process Assessment,
  • Organizzation Assessment.

IT-OT convergence offers organizations a single vision of industrial platforms together with solutions of process management which, in order to be fully exploited, must be enabled by a proper cyber security governance. To support this change we have developed some services designed to better satisfy the peculiarities of this world: risk threat modeling, technology security assessment, risk assessment, process & organizzation assessment.

Each organization must have a business continuity management plan that allows it to have the resilience of its business guaranteed even in the face of/as a result of events of significant gravity.

The plan must take into account many factors contributing to achieve this goal. Our company is able to support its customers in the definition and implementation of this plan in all its steps:

  • Governance,
  • Business Alignment,
  • continuity strategy,
  • plan documentation,
  • tactical implementation,
  • training, testing,
  • maintenance e monitoring.