P.I.S.D.A.S. Project

The Company Development Program proposed by INNOVERY SPA originates from the company needs, always present, to be able to constantly develop advanced and innovative services and combine them with industrial, commercial and economic growth of local areas at national level, characterized by strong potential both in terms of skills and targeted research, and able of acting as a driving force for the growth of local businesses carrying assets, products and services to citizens

For this reason, the production objectives pursued by the Development Plan consist in the creation and development of an Advanced Technological Pole for INNOVERY SPA with specialized IT and telecommunication resources and skills to be found within the Autonomous Region of Sardinia.



In order to carry out the development program, INNOVERY SPA therefore intends to invest.

In this regard, it has opened an Operating Office in Cagliari, where it is possible to start a know-how development program, aimed at selecting and hiring young graduates and particularly specialized personnel resident in the RAS, to support them in the Control Room and to the operating core of INNOVERY SPA, so that the program can be implemented.



The program is aimed at strengthening “innovative” and, subsequently, commercial production abilities through the specialization in the field of Cybersecurity, e-government, Payment Systems and services in Saas through the Big Data Framework, considered closely related to the traditional activities of the Company, which deals with solutions of information and network security and electronic payment systems, therefore with solutions of interest in terms of potential turnover.

Furthermore, the characteristics of some of the identified solutions and services, whose study and testing are the subject matter of this Plan, are such as to allow the exploitation of the experiences and results achieved so far over the past ten years.

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