Cyber Security Skills Improvement

Over 90% of successful cyber attacks are pursued by exploiting people’s vulnerabilities. For this reason, it’s important to manage the cyber risk generated by human errors through activities of awareness and development of the company personnel’s skills. Obiectivo offers a series of training services, allowing all company staff (top managers, IT and all employees) to be trained according to interactive and personalized training modules according to their role within the organization.

The goal of these services is to develop awareness on cyber issues, redirecting where necessary the security posture and generating over time a corporate culture of widespread information and cyber security governance.

NB: The services described below represent a general – and therefore not exhaustive – overview of our offer.

Awareness raising and education have different methods and codes of communication. For the first, the impact of the communication generates the memorability of the message. For the second, clarity of presentation and a colloquial and participatory tone are the prerequisites for the internalization of information, for this reason we develop awareness campaigns with a great communicative and emotional impact addressed to all company staff with the aim of educating while entertaining. A useful approach to arouse interest and give participants an active role in maintaining appropriate behaviors.

Interlocutori differenti parlano linguaggi altrettanto differenti. Per questo motivo abbiamo pensato di proporre una modalità di formazione adatta ai manager aziendali o a tutti coloro che, ricoprendo ruoli di particolare responsabilità, vengono esclusi dalla possibilità di essere informati su tematiche di information e cyber security. La nostra proposta prevede che i top managers possano condividere esperienze significative attraverso brevi ma potenti incontri con relatori rilevanti in stile TedX Talks.

Much of the information we spread on the Internet can turn into a threat if it comes into the possession of cyber criminals who exploit it for their own benefit or to blackmail us. The assessment of the risk profile to which we expose ourselves by publishing information on the web, or on social media is the first step towards a safer business and personal life. This service allows you to assess

the risk which a company and its key people are exposed to. Through personal support and a detailed analysis of digital habits, the ‘coaching’ precisely, we will help you understand which of these may expose you to risks and, consequently, we will suggest how to mitigate them.

In a socio-economic context where change prevails, new technologies lead and competition is increasingly competitive as well as international, organizations need to develop and grow their employees with customized programs aimed at developing skills. To meet these needs, we offer training plans on information security issues. Each course is developed according to the specific training needs and according to the type of audience which it is addressed to (in the classroom, through interactive pills, webinars, etc.).