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B2B & Sustainability is the Innovery division which is divided into three competence centers: MFT, B2B and OMS. We have been providing solutions to our clients for more than 16 years, working internationally with large companies in the financial, telecommunications, automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, manufacturing and logistics sectors, among others.

Our Competence Centres

Through our highly qualified and certified team, we offer all types of services, from the definition of architectures, installations and integrations, to first and second level support.

Innovery has a laboratory as well as support teams, both formed by product experts, allowing us to address any development in the times required by each client and offer services in any time zone (24×7) respecting the required Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Carry out business-critical file transfers using the communication protocol you require:

  • HTTP/S
  • OFTP
  • Webservices REST / SOAP
  • AS2, AS3, AS4
  • JMS, MQ
  • PeSIT
  • SMTP
  • XCOM
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct

Manage file transfers in a centralized way. Schedule your file transfers at the time of your choice. Accept file transfers from your partners at any time. Monitor your file transfers and act in time to resolve any incidents. Address your transactionality in environments deployed on your infrastructure or cloud.

Take advantage of all the capabilities of MFT and take your business flows to another level by carrying out any type of operation. Interact with each and every one of your applications and business partners without having any type of frontier. Handling and transformation of any type of file:

  • XML
  • CSV
  • TXT
  • EDI

Handling and transformation of standards files:

  • Financial: SWIFT, SEPA, EBICS
  • IDOC de SAP

Special handling for EDI (envelopes, control numbers, VAN integrations, etc.).
Perform additional security processes on the data:

  • PGP encryption and authentication
  • CMS / PKCS#7 encryption and authentication
  • AES encryption
  • SWIFT 3SKey authentication
  • Secure email

Rapid onboarding of your business partners frees you from complex processes and reduces your time to market.
Address your transactional business in environments deployed on your own infrastructure or in the cloud.

Manage your order management.
Gain visibility of your inventory in all locations where you may have inventory, whether in stock or in transit.
Easily integrate with the rest of your infrastructure systems.

Our Offer

Innovery has IBS (SaaS) and IBAG products that provide solutions for small, medium and large companies.



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Innovery B2B Accelerator Gateway - IBAG

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Innovery B2B Service - IBS

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Our Partnership

We currently have four strategic partnerships that allow us to implement the solutions that best suit each business:

We are an IBM Gold Partner at all our headquarters in Europe and Latin America.

  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator 
  • IBM Sterling Filegateway 
  • IBM Sterling Transformation Extender 
  • IBM Sterling Control Center 
  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy 
  • IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Management 
  • IBM Sterling Global Mailbox 
  • IBM Sterling Connect Direct 
  • IBM Sterling Connect:Express 
  • IBM Sterling External Authentication Server 

Through our partnership with Software AG we offer solutions for the entire product suite of API, Integration & Microservices platforms.

This platform offers out-of-the-box unified connectivity that is designed for the next generation of digital transformation challenges.

  • CentraSite 
  • MashZone NextGen Business Analytics 
  • Software AG Command Central 
  • Software AG Universal Messaging 
  • webMethods ActiveTransfer 
  • webMethods Adapters 
  • webMethods AgileApps 
  • webMethods API Gateway 
  • webMethods API Microgateway 
  • webMethods API Portal 
  • webMethods ApplinX 
  • webMethods Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) 
  • webMethods Broker 
  • webMethods Business Rules 
  • webMethods CloudStreams 
  • webMethods Designer Workstation 
  • webMethods DevOps Edition 
  • webMethods EntireX 
  • webMethods eStandards 
  • webMethods JIS 
  • webMethods Microservices Runtime 
  • webMethods Mobile Designer 
  • webMethods OneData 
  • webMethods Optimize for B2B 
  • webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure 
  • webMethods Optimize for Process 
  • webMethods Tamino 
  • webMethods Trading Networks 
  • webMethods Insight 
  • webMethods.io Integration 
  • webMethods Integration Server 

We are experts in the entire GoAnywhere product suite and currently have a Gold partnership with Helpsystems that certifies us as a provider of MFT solutions characterised by their flexibility and security, which can be implemented both in the cloud and on-premise in surprisingly short timescales.

  • GoAnywhere MFT 
  • GoAnywhere Gateway 
  • GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio 

Our recent partnership with Primeur allows us to be at the forefront and support our customers who want a seamless and unique solution for MFT, B2B and data protection. Data One in its modules combines different functionalities, allowing it to adapt to customers with specific needs, coming from an external file transfer monitoring platform to a complete B2B environment.

  • Data Mover
  • Data Watcher
  • Data Shaper
  • Data Privacy

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