Our eGovernment mission is to provide the implementation of standards-based interoperable Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI), tailored to private and public customers, related to: Legal PKI (compliance with eIDAS Rules; assessment); Enterprise PKI (strong and/or secondary authentication; s/mime encryption; key recovery process); RA system with SOA interfaces for third-party sw integratrion; CA and RA event registration and correlation; Innovery team provide consultancy to customer’s stakeholders to support environment design and CA personalization together with the certificates that have to be used, their trust degree towards legal liabilities and security requirements within customer’s ICT infrastructure. Implementation and integration of a Remote Signature Infrastructures, Electronic Advanced Signature, Encryption, authentication.
Customers: Utility, Telco, Energy, Finance.
Technologies: Entrust, EJBCA, Gemalto SafeNet, Thales, Microsoft.