Besides the usual communication with the sales department, the real success of mobile solutions depends on the ability of proposing innovative applications able to face new aims and new business models. An efficient use of these applications requires the availability of instruments able to manage mobile devices and applications efficiently and safely.

Innovation and control
Mobile Solutions is an Innovery business unit and it offers specialized consultancy, design and development services in the Mobile App, Mobile Device Management & Lifecycle and Satellite Systems and Services areas.



In recent years data transmission services using satellites are increasingly spreading. This is due to the equal or fastest performance and usability of these technologies in comparison to terrestrial ADSL. Satellite technologies are in some cases the only way to use Broadband Internet. These circumstances may occur outside urban areas where terrestrial ADSL is not common due to its high cost installation. In these circumstances it is always possible to set up a satellite dish using satellite data service through a modem/satellite router use. Satellite technologies, used for data transmissions, may be used for example by companies settled far from urban areas, like cheap alternative to leased lines that need broadband connection. They are very useful for mobile devices too. Innovery offers turnkey solutions, from designing/testing to high performance bi-directional satellite network installation with guaranteed QoS and SLA.


Innovery provide a specialized mobile development team. Follows customers from requirements collection to publishing apps in their respective digital stores (GooglePlay, AppleStore ..). .The team work in Android, iOS and windows mobile environemnts and has strong skills both in native languages and in hybrid solutions to meet customer needs.



Fast and secure transfer of all the contents of each customer’s mobile phone to the new device, directly in store, at home or in both places.


  • Transfer content quickly and securely from one device to another
  • Contacts
  • Images
  • Application Data
  • SMS
  • Video
  • Music
  • Messages
  • Call log

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