Current way to make charging

  • Expensive for the systems and services management
  • Slow adapting to market’s requests
  • Late for the management on commercial releases

New way to make charging

  • Fast and flexible releases
  • Smart creation of commercial offers
  • Management costs reduction
  • Scalability and Resilience
  • Reduced losses with real-time charging

Fast Integration
To build the service, AWS allows customers to quickly onboard. Speaking of the integration with NTW, the system already supports standard 3gpp protocols with nothing to add.


All-inclusive payments based on the number of active SIMs
Sensitive reductions in TCO by eliminating infrastructure, management and operational costs. No standard costs. Pay for what you use, simple, fair and convenient.


Analysis and implementation of the plans on Real-time engine
The service includes analysis, configuration, test and commercial requests deploy.
With real-time Charging you will have a better user experience with less loss of revenue



Completely managed by Innovery
The service uses a Team composed by people having a lot of experience on services for the telecommunication in Italy and on the world. Discharge the operative costs and the complexity to focus on your clients.


The architecture based on AWS services offers the automated scalability of the platform.


Troubleshooting & Ticketing
Case management, troubleshooting & ticketing are included in the service.

The areas geographical separation will ensure the availability in case of an AZ failure

Default configuration: a single region, replication on 3AZs inside the region

Key AWS Services Used:

Amazon DynamoDB

For ultra scalable, real-time storage of sessions, balances and plans.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

For durable, long term storage of Event Data Record.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling

For always on, reliable and scalable compute.

Amazon Athena

For querying Event Datal Record.

The service employs professionals with years of experience on Telecommunication services in Italy and worldwide.

It includes:

  • (AWS) Cloud’s costs and management
  • Analysis, configuration, tests and deploy of the commercial requests
  • Cloud and charging platform’s O&M
  • Troubleshooting and tickets management

Main benefits

  • No infrastructure costs
  • No Software license costs
  • No binding time commitment
  • No analysis and configuration costs of new offers
  • No costs for OpEx Troubleshooting, Ticketing and Case Management
  • Only one all Inclusive cost for every active SIM (Installed & Ready to Go)


Since 2019 following Wise investments, Innovery aims at further accelerating its expansion by fostering the organic growth, leveraging existing and building new relationships, and by implementing a M&A strategy to develop products, services and markets internationally.