InCloSec – INnovery CLOud SECurity

Business Innovation


The research and development projec, presented with the application for access, code RICERCA_1C-102, was approved with a determination deed by the General Director of Sardegna Ricerche N. 1344 del 06/11/2017 –

The goal is to design, realize and start a service to automate the entire lifecycle of security, managed in Cloud enrivonment, in order to be able to aggregate in a multidirectional way information coming from multiple Cloud environments and guarantee prevention and protection from threats, adequate and prompt response to the security incidents, as well as correct and compliant treatments from the point of view of information privacy.

Some of the primary innovative functions to be realized concern the monitoring of the methods of use of the applications and any anomalies, the management of policies for the information treatment and privacy in accordance with the national and community regulations, the unpacking on different types of Cloud, the aggregation of data from different Cloud providers, the interoperability and integration with the main Cloud storage providers.

The program activities will be carried out by Innovery with the close collaboration of Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica ed Elettronica dell’Università di Cagliari UNICA – DIEE).


PROJECT CODE 00036000113a SRPRATT583220177


CUP G88C17000080006


FUNDED AMOUNT € 232.395,93

POR FESR Sardegna 2014-2020

START 18.12.2017– END 17.12.2019

DURATION 24 months

Status of project: closed


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