In the field of our long-time experience in the strategic direction and information and cyber security governance, we had the opportunity to deal with multiple situations and business needs, that allowed us to create some products aimed at addressing some of them.

The spirit that led us and continues to lead us in this path is to try to solve, through the creation of some specialized solutions, issues that for varying reasons, although relevant, are not managed or are only partially managed.

To achieve this goal in a systemic and structured way, we have set up a Product and Innovation competence center dedicated only to this purpose.


NB: The services described below represent a general – and therefore not exhaustive – overview of our offer.

Cyber Security Supplier Framework is a solution that allows analysis and governance from the point of view of information and cyber security of the supply chain. The platform allows a fully automated assessment of suppliers based on the type of project or service for which they are applying and the type of information (NATO standard), which they will manage.

The platform allows to highlight the risk areas for the different suppliers, to assign each one a score based on the detected level of information security, to make comparisons among different suppliers, to carry out targeted audits. Until now, the platform has been developed on 7 international standards that can be integrated according to specific needs.

IACS is a framework for risk assessment and management in industrial environments both from an organizational and technological point of view. The solution is based on the ISO IEC 62443 standard and represents a particularly useful tool for anyone who wants to deal with the cybersecurity governance in OT & IOT environments in a structured way.

Cyber Jumanji is an immersive digital simulation platform that allows organizations, through a dynamic and interactive learning experience to practical test the completeness and applicability of their core or critical processes, to identify any organizational problems and to verify the knowledge and preparation of the team responsible for their implementation by identifying any weaknesses.

This will make it possible to create a mitigation plan that aims at correcting any organizational or procedural distortions.